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Small House Floor Plans
By A. T. Lupton

If you are planning to build a home, more than likely you have a size in mind. Of course the size of your home has to fit the lot that you have and the budget you have available for the home. It's very common today for people to start out building a fairly small home. However, a small home doesn't mean that you can't have all the great features and amenities you really want. With the right small house floor plans, you can have a wonderful home that looks beautiful and that provides you with everything you need from a home. Of course there are some things to consider when you are planning to build a smaller home. Here are some important tips and ideas to keep in mind that will help you to make the most of your small house floor plans.

The Importance of Thinking Ahead
First of all, you'll find that it is very important that you think ahead when it comes to drawing up small house floor plans. One wrong move while you are building can cause a problem later on when you are in the home. You need to start thinking about things now. Thinking ahead can help you to make sure you have a good idea of where everything is going to go within the home. Careful planning is essential if you are going to come up with plans for a smaller home that work.

Have an Architect to Help
Trying to come up with your own small house floor plans may be a mistake. So, it's best to have an architect to help you out. A good architect can be so helpful, since they are well trained in how to use space. They'll be able to foresee some of the problems that may occur in the future with a small space. You can sit down together with your architect and together you can come up with good plans for the home that will work, even though the space you have may be small. So, although it may cost you a bit to have an architect help you out, it will be well worth it in the end.

Wall Placement is Critical
One thing that is so critical when it comes to small house floor plans is the wall placement that you come up with. Not only does wall placement need to be carefully figured out, but the placement of doors and stairs can be very important as well. They must be put in the exact right place to make the home workable and livable as well. Only when everything is carefully planned out and each wall and door is put in the right place will the home be able to work out right.

Building Better
The key to coming up with small house floor plans is to learn how to build better. There are many simple ideas that can be used to help you make the most out of a small home. One excellent idea to use in your small home is to use as few walls as possible within the inside of your home. You can use other things to define off the different areas within your home. You don't always have to have large walls. Going with short walls can help, as can opening up staircases so that they don't take up so much room. You can use counters or even bookcases within your home to define different rooms instead of having a big wall that takes up a lot of space that is needed within the home.

You don't have to have a huge house to have a smart home that you can live in. If you keep these tips and ideas in mind, you'll be able to come up with quality small house floor plans that you can easily incorporate into your home. Once it's complete you'll be surprised at how wonderful the home turns out. You'll feel like there is more space and you'll be thrilled with the great look your home has as well.***

Anne T. Lupton is the owner and administrator of The site contains great information for small house enthusiasts and folks looking for small house floor plans. is focused more on the interests of the owner-builder of small houses.

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