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Why Vinyl Siding is Better Than Aluminum Siding
By Marcy Tate
It's estimated that 80% of homes are sided with vinyl siding. Why has this type replaced aluminum? The answer is simple: It is a stronger and overall better product that requires less maintenance than other types and lasts longer too

Here are the reasons why Vinyl Siding is a great choice:
# Durability- It is manufactured with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which is what makes it so strong and durable- it is also manufactured twice as thick than aluminum and can handle up to 110 MPH winds. This makes it a good choice for stormy regions.
# Impact Resistance- Vinyl siding does not dent easily so you won't have to worry about a large branch (or the impact of your kid's baseball) making a dent. Aluminum can dent easily (as well as fade easily). So if you live in a very sunny region or if you think your siding will be prone to dents, then you should consider vinyl siding for your home.
# No Rusting
# - This siding type does not rust. You should never see rust unless a nearby pipe or other material happens to rust onto an area of the the siding.Solid Color- Unlike aluminum, which gets its color from baked on enamel, the color on vinyl is part of the composition of the material itself. This means that if the siding gets scratched it won't show up as it would on aluminum. You won't have to worry about the scratch getting rusty since its not metal based like aluminum.
# Price- Vinyl costs more, but not that much more! The average price per square foot is about $5-$7 installed, while aluminum is about $3-$4 per square foot. Simply put, you'll be paying just a bit more for a lot better of a product.

Marcy Tate is a content writer for and has been working in the home improvement industry for over 12 years.

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