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Alternative Space Saving Solutions For Dividing Floor Space
By Jennie Cornaby
There are many types of space that need both dividing into sections and storage solutions. One of the best solutions you could probably choose is a storage wall. This could be used in many spaces such as office, boardrooms, training suites, clubs and hotels. Not only is this a compact storage solution, but it also can be used as a room divider, saving money on expensive moveable walls.

A storage wall can be bespoke to meet your exact needs, or bought ready made as a whole or in modular sections. The purpose is to maximise the amount of area you have available, by allowing you to store everything you need in one place. There are many different types of modules that you can have in your chosen layout. These could include lockers, pigeonholes and coat hangers for an office with many workers Shelves, drawers and cupboards in different sizes to fit the contents you intend to store.

Another good use of a storage wall is for hot desking. The wall could contain sections to keep your personal mobile caddies such as Fetch. This will enable a versatile and changeable environment that can adapt to your workers. The units themselves can also be moved if required, depending on your individual needs.

The storage units can be fitted from ceiling to floor, and wall to wall if required. This also doubles as a good sound insulator if dividing a room into sections. Space consultancy is recommended for expert advice on a product like this, so it can be designed and fitted specifically to suit you. Templestock are widely experienced in this area to help meet your requirements.

Not only is this a good solution, but can also look very appealing. The units can be designed to match your style. Some types can be printed to have a design of your choice or match your colour scheme. Tambour doors are a good option for even more effective use of space. These are a lot thinner than normal doors because instead of opening outwards, they roll into the cupboard itself. Many different effects can be applied to standard doors such as melamine, laminate and wood veneer. This gives complete flexibility in the appearance of your storage.

So to conclude, if you are looking for a storage solution that takes less floor space, but gives you maximum storage; or a system that can divide a large floor space and provide organised cupboard space; a storage wall is the best solution for you.

Written by Jennie Cornaby-Design bp on behalf of Templestock.
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