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Loft Bedrooms
By Craig Ellyard
Do you want to extend the living capacity of your home, then why not convert your loft space into a bedroom?

Bedroom loft conversions are becoming the most popular form of home improvements as householders seek to extend the living space in their homes. And these are the reasons bedroom conversions have become so popular:

    * The loft provides a blank canvas on which the home owner can design any style bedroom they wish rather than having to fit their ideas into the existing room lay-out
    * It is so easy to add an en-suite bathroom to the bedroom and that bathroom can be quite sizeable and, again, laid out exactly as the owners want it rather than having to adapt an existing space
    * Building bedroom loft conversions allows the existing bedrooms to be converted into hobby rooms or offices, or for two existing small bedrooms to be knocked into one .
    * And remember, we all like our bedroom to be at top of the house, well you can't get much higher than that when your new one is built in the roof space!

One of the massive points in favour of bedroom loft conversions is that with the use of large skylights the room can be blessed with huge tracts of natural light. A major plus in bedroom loft conversions is that by installing large skylights the new bedroom will enjoy much natural light. Why not add remotely operated window blinds to give your bedroom loft conversion that added special touch of luxury. One of the most attractive elements of bedroom loft conversions is the option of including a sizeable en-suite bathroom.

Though bathrooms are fairly easy to add to the roof space the major consideration is of course the extra plumbing that needs to be installed. One of the first things to be done when converting the loft is to get rid, or relocate, the old water tank. One solution is to dispose of the tank altogether and install a combi boiler. If installing a combi boiler is the preferred option and you can meet the extra cost, it is an ideal solution. If the combination boiler option isn't to your taste then you will need to replace and relocate your water tank.

Plastic water tanks are much longer lasting than older tanks but still need to be relocated - the best solution is usually under the eaves behind the new panelling. The only drawback here is that access must be unrestricted and insulated cupboard doors and boarding must also be built in.

To install a new bedroom loft conversion with ensuite bathroom is to make first class use of your previously unused roof space. No wonder bedrooms are the preferred option of so many home owners when they plan to convert their lofts.
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