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Keeping Large Homes Cozy & Comfortable
By Tori Spade
Owners of large homes have the absolute dream when it comes to having space to work with. Without having to worry about crowding their living room or having not enough counter space in their kitchen, they have basically no limits when it comes to decorating and designing their space. Although this seems like living the dream to those who have smaller sized homes - many of these large home owners deal with the issue of making their home feel cozy and comfortable.

Just as if you were in a large open field, it wouldn't be the easiest task to create a snug and welcoming feeling with such a big area to work with. Think of the living room this way. With too much empty space in between objects - you're going to feel distant from other guests in the room with you. With too little empty space in between objects - you're going to feel too cluttered and often overwhelmed. Finding the happy medium is obviously the ultimate goal, and you don't need to be a home improvement expert to make these great changes in your room. By following a few simple guidelines, you can give your extra large space that extra "homey" feeling without cluttering.

Living rooms are typically the biggest hassle since they're where most families spend their time and can also be one of the largest spaces in the home. One of the rules of thumb to follow is not to keep all of the furniture along the wall. Leaving a bit of "breathing room" behind furniture can not only create some unique walkways throughout the room, but it will give the room a more closed in and intimate feeling. While doing this, keep the regular traffic patterns in mind and make sure to keep them open. If it means having to keep a couch or loveseat up against the wall, consider moving the recliner in a bit if there is a significant empty space created by this. By doing so, you'll notice that the room will automatically feel more inviting - creating a better environment for the family and entertaining.

Simple decorating elements can also make a big impact on the room and require little to no effort to install. Take for example introducing indoor plants into a dining area. Replacing empty spaces in corners and next to cabinets with 2-3 foot tall indoor plants will give the area some volume and add a friendly feature to the otherwise blank space. If you're looking to create a similar effect in a guest bedroom or den - warm colored throw pillows will instantly cozy up the space. By coordinating other accessories in the room to your new pillows - you'll be creating a feeling of harmony, thus tying everything in the room together.

By keeping themes simple, you'll be able to give your larger rooms a more inviting and coordinated feel. By enhancing this important decorating strategy with techniques like moving your furniture off of the walls and introducing indoor greenery to your space - you can create a beautiful room that won't intimidate guests by it's size. Although you may want that large, open feeling in some rooms (like the kitchen for example), some rooms are simply meant to be warm and inviting. If you keep your colors warm, cut down on the empty space, and remember not to clutter the room - you'll be on your way to a perfectly cozy room for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy.

Tori Spade works for Your Home Supply (YHS) the definitive website for home improvement tools, and gardening supplies. Your Home Supply offers a wide range of ceiling lighting fixtures and decorative floor registers to help customers create a cozy feeling in their homes.
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