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Simple Shed Plans - Simple Shouldn't Mean "Lacking"
By Jimmy A Jones

When searching for simple shed plans, we do want simplicity, but we don't just want a few 2x4 beams arranged in cubical fashion with plywood nailed around it, right? By "simple", we don't mean "lacking in design"... but at the same time, we aren't looking to make the Taj Mahal. It's often difficult to find just what we are looking for in a set of blueprints for a back yard shed, and building one out of a kit from our local home center, if we decide to simply accept their limited designs, can cost more than a couple thousand dollars each. Isn't there a source for proper plans of many designs and types that we can choose from?

Sometimes we can find simple shed plans from among books on the subject in our local library, but these publications are often a compendium of certain designs, perhaps only providing one example of each of a few, but are primarily for showcasing certain construction methods and not so much the plans in and of themselves. We may find some plans within certain books we can purchase at our local home center warehouse, such as those on building decks and sheds, but these also serve fairly m8uuch the same purpose as the library ones mentioned above.

Usually, it seems that online amid the internet we can find some sources for simple shed plans. Sometimes we can even find these in large groups of a few hundred, and even sometimes a few thousand - this is the kind of source we need. Simple, but not lacking in design, shed plans that we can choose from a vast many of, in order to build precisely what we need for our specific purposes.

Plans and blueprints can be difficult to find in groups of large numbers to choose from. I've found an excellent resource of thousand, and you can check out these shed building plans by visiting
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